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MSA Club Round 3 & SSS Final Round Report

MSA round 3

The Scottish Super Series fourth and final round came to the Banff circuit. NKRA Scottish Blue Challenge were also visitors. It was the third round of the GKC club championships. Feature trophies of the day were the Granville Grubb Memorial Trophy for gearbox drivers and the Pioneer Mutual Shield for the driver to score least points on the day.

Damp conditions in the morning had almost dried for the start of morning practice. Thereafter the conditions were good all day for fast a furious racing.

KZ2 UK (Gearbox)

For administration reasons the gearboxes ran first in race order all day. Pole man, Alistair Smith who had won all three heats, to the lead at the lights and was never headed. This was no easy victory as Ryan Sharp was ready to capitalize on any error but none occurred through the fifteen laps final and Smith took the victory by half a second. The victory won him the Granville Grubb Memorial Trophy and the Pioneer Mutual Trophy for least points on the day (zero). Water Wallace was chasing in third followed by Neil MacLennan and Liam McGill. McGill nipped through at Kevin's Korner on lap five. Lap ten, McGill moved to third and MacLennan took fourth a lap later. These positions were held until the chequer with Wallace in fifth. Close race long competition for sixth finished in the order of Ryan McGuiness, Gordon Hawton and Scott Byers.

1st - Alistair Smith (Peterhead)
2nd - Ryan Sharp (Westhill)
3rd - Liam McGill (Dystart)
Top Novice - Leon Beda (Fife)

Alistair Smith

Pioneer Mutual Shield - Alistair Smith (Peterhead)
Granville Grubb Trophy - Alistair Smith (Peterhead)

Honda Cadets

The Honda Cadets produced a great show all the way down the grid. Pole sitter, Abbie Munro, took the early lead. A scary moment for Joshua Nekrews saw him on two wheels when he clipped the kerb through Shirlaw's but fortunately landed back on his wheels. The group of four that broke away were Munro, Matthew Collings, Craig Mann and Nekrews. Collings took the lead on lap six but Munro was back in front two laps later. Mann moved to second and took the lead at gate corner with four laps to go. Again Munro returned to the lead later on the lap. On the beginning of the last lap the order was Collings, Munro, Mann and Nekrews. As they approached Pit Corner they were all jostling for position. The short run from pit corner to the finishing line Munro got inside Collings and Mann got inside Munro. The three karts crossed the line three wide. Collings got the victory by four hundreds from Munro who was sever thousands of a second in front of Mann. Nekrews was two tenth back in fourth. Jonathan Edwards and Cameron Ross were having a race long battle switching positions on numerous occasions but Ross must have had an off on the final lap as he finished down the field. Edwards crossed the line in fifth. Lewis Gilbert took the chequered flag in sixth from Ben Burnett, Logan Blake, Aidan Welch and Darren Dawson.

1st - Matthew Collings (Cowdenbeath)
2nd - Abbie Munro (Bonar Bridge)
3rd - Craig Mann (Aberdeen)
Top Novice - Adam McLeod (Cupar)

Mini Max

The small grid went off the back of the Junior Max final. Cameron Evans won on the track followed by Cameron Evans and Toney Logie.

Mini Max
1st - Cameron Evans (Renfrew)
2nd - Cameron Colville (Locherbie)
3rd - Toney Logie (Buckhaven) (Provisional Result)
Top Novice - Toney Logie (Buckhaven)

Junior Max

Jack Gordon from pole position took the early lead followed by Jack Simpson, Abigail Ross, Robbie Souter, Elliot McIntosh, and Shaun Davidson. McIntosh moved to third on lap three and Davidson to fourth on lap five. Gordon opened up a gap at the front to take the victory and SSS championship. Meanwhile the battle for second was raging initial between Simpson and McIntosh and Davidson joined later when he closed in. Simpson was rebuffing all challenges. Davidson squeezed past McIntosh of lap eleven. It took a brilliant clean pass at pit corner on the last lap for Davidson to capture second from Simpson. McIntosh came home fourth followed by Ross, Alec McKay and Souter.

1st - Jack Gordon (Whitecairns)
2nd - Shaun Davidson (Longside)
3rd - Jack Simpson (Fraserburgh)

Formula Blue

It may have been small field of blues, but they still produced good close racing. Scott Keenan had the early lead. Ross Anderson was in front at the end of lap two followed by Keenan, Elliot Patterson and Douglas Simpson. A number of changes took place but on lap ten the leader Anderson was off at Seafield with arms in the air suggesting a push. Keenan took over the lead and took the victory from Patterson and Simpson.

1st - Scott Keenan (Lochwinnoch)
2nd - Elliot Patterson (Crieff)
3rd - Douglas Simpson (West Linton)

Formula TKM 4s

Again a small in number but close racing. The leader was Ryan Duffurn followed by Stuart McDougal, Raymond Daffurn and George Wilson. Raymond Duffrum and Stuart McDougal tangled at gate splitting up the field. George Wilson caught and took the lead from Ryan Daffurn five laps from home. Raymond Daffurn went off when he lost it at the loop. The winner was Wilson followed by Ryan Duffurn, McDougal and Raymond Duffurn.

1st - George Wilson (Lochwinnoch)
2nd - Ryan Daffrun (Motherwell)
3rd - Stuart McDougal (Lynnwood)

Senior Max

Before the Senior Max final, Andrew Harvie had calculated he had won the SSS championship and withdrew from the final. Greig Sutherland charge into the early lead and was never headed to take the chequered flag. Initially in second was David Eason but Chris Dickson demoted him to third on lap four. This order was maintained to the chequater. Fourth was close between Scott Beattie and Craig Finlayson who had swapped places several times before and Beattie took fourth by a tenth. Connor Wilson came home sixth ahead of Chloe Scott, David Logan, Lewis McNab and Liam Souter.

1st - Greig Sutherland (Ellon)
2nd - Chris Dickson (Perth)
3rd - David Eason (Turriff)

Scottish Super Series

Championship results after four rounds

Honda Cadets

Champion - Abbie Munro (Bonar Bridge)
Runner-up - Joshua Nekrews (Dunfermline)
Third - Cameron Ross (Muir of Ord)

Mini Max

Results held due to technical protest

Junior Max

Champion - Jack Gordon (Whiterashes)
Runner-up - Jack Simpson (Fraserburgh)
Third - Elliot McIntosh (Whiterashes)

Senior Max

Champion - Andrew Harvie (Glasgow)
Runner up - Chris Dickson (Perth)
Third - Scott Beattie (St Andrews)


Champion - Raymond Daffurn (Motherwell)
Runner up - Stuart McDougal (Lynnwood)
Third - Ryan Daffurn (Motherwell)

Formula Blue

Champion - Scott Keenan (Lochwinnoch)
Runner up - Ross Adamson (Falkirk)
Third - Douglas Simpson (West Linton)

KZ2 UK (Gearbox)

Champion - Liam McGill (Dystart)
Runner up - Neil MacLennan (Tore)
Third - Ryan McGuiness (Beauly)

Other ASKC awards

Honda Cadet (best driver)- Abbie Munro (Bonar Bridge)
Macleod Endeavour Award - Hamish Ross (Rogart)
Over 30 Snr Max Driver - David Eason (Turriff)
Over 30 KZ2 UK Driver- Robbie Gray (Evington)
Fraser Smart Trophy (female driver) - Abbie Munro (Bonar Bridge)
Snr Max Maxtrac Trophy (best driver)- Andrew Harvie (Glasgow)
Dave Sanderman Endeavour Award - Abigail Ross (Muir of Ord)

Jenny Kellock presented trophies for GKC in clubhouse after the meeting. Gordon Donaldson presented the trophies for ASKC Scottish Super Series. NKRA trophies will be presented at Larkhall

Andrew Harive Snr Max SSS Champion

Andrew Harvie Snr Max SSS Champion

Abbie Munro Honda Cadet SSS Champion

Abbie Munro Honda Cadet Champion

Next race meeting takes place on Sunday 10th August.

Press report by Alan Wyness, GKC Press Officer

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